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I Missed an Appointment. So What? 

Dear Parent,

Please note our policy regarding missed pediatric dental appointments. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, leading to occasional appointment cancellations. However, missed appointments can disrupt our schedule, inconvenience other patients, and hinder the quality of care we strive to provide.

With every effort to provide the best possible care to our champions, we have implemented the following policy for broken pediatric dental appointments:

1. Appointment Reminder: Our office will send you a courtesy reminder via text message 48 hours prior to your child's scheduled appointment. This reminder will serve as a prompt to ensure you have ample time to reschedule or cancel if necessary.

2. Cancellation Notice: Should you need to cancel or reschedule your child's appointment; we kindly request a 24-hour notice. This will allow us to accommodate other patients in need of dental care.

3. Missed Appointment Fee: If an appointment is missed without providing a 24-hour cancellation notice or if no notice is given at all, a missed appointment fee of $50 may be applied. This fee is intended to cover a portion of the costs associated with the appointment slot that was reserved for your child.

4. Exceptional Circumstances: We understand that emergencies and unforeseen situations can occur. If your child experiences an unavoidable situation that prevents attendance, please contact our office as soon as possible to discuss the circumstances. We will evaluate each case individually with empathy and understanding.

5. After the Third Broken Appointment: After the third broken appointment, we will be unable to accommodate future appointments. If your child is a patient of record at Successful Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we will be able to see your child for emergencies up to 30 days beyond the date of your third broken appointment. If your child is not a patient of record, then we can recommend another option for you to meet your child’s dental needs.

We value your commitment to your child's oral health and appreciate your cooperation in adhering to our appointment policy. By doing so, you enable us to provide exceptional care to all our patients and champions in life.

If you have any questions or need to reschedule an appointment, please contact our office. Our team is here to assist you. Thank you for entrusting us with your child's dental care.


Successful Smiles Pediatric Dentistry


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